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Updated: April 8, 2014

A Life Without Suffering

We take life as it’s given to us. We take it for granted that life is joy and pain, that the measure of one is the measure of the other. Continue Reading »»»

There is Nothing Wrong with Your Life

There is nothing wrong with your life. Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, this is the case. Continue Reading »»»

Freedom is Possible

Life is precious because humans can do things for the first time. Norman Cousins said that. Continue Reading »»»

Plummeting and the Terror of Peace

Someone spoke of feeling panic when contemplating the prospect of absolute peace, the radical dropping into all-is-well. Others, hearing, laughed a nervous little laugh, a recognition. Continue Reading »»»


There’s a very good reason there’s so much emphasis on the now. If you’re wishing to awaken (and maybe wondering what’s taking so long), it would be worth your while to look at this. Continue Reading »»»

“Awake in the Dream” Interviews

In November 2009, Jan was interviewed by Penelope Chatterton on Awake in the Dream, a public access television program that has aired on Cape Cod for 17 years.

There are two interviews, one called “When Fear Falls Away,” the other “At the Mercy of Nothing.”

Marble in the Mouth

When you are ready to take it in, something will click, like padlock tumblers falling into place. Until then, the mind will roll it around like a marble in the mouth. Continue Reading »»»

It’s Not About Liking It

Get to the inside of what it feels like when resistance comes, or acceptance, and what is the difference in the quality of each, how one feels different from the other. Learn about this: how the point of non-resistance isn’t about whether you are glad a thing happened, or whether you would prefer it were otherwise. Continue Reading »»»

Discovering You’ve Changed

Although (being a writer and a teacher) I traffic in words, I am wary of them, ever alert to their limitations. Anytime words are used — ego, surrender, suffering, self, good, bad, choice — words that carry any real weight, it’s a recipe for trouble. Continue Reading »»»

Getting Unstuck

This is an audio of a complete talk given in Northampton, Massachusetts, on April 25, 2010. It is 37 minutes in length.

Somebody who’s on a spiritual journey, who’s wanting to wake up, periodically will say they’ve gotten to a point where they notice they’ve been at that same point for a while, and nothing much seems to be happening. . . . Listen to Getting Unstuck now. If you would like to download and save, right-click and choose “Save Target As.”

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