Words to Wake Up To

A CD of Recorded Teachings
A recording of Jan’s teachings on CD. Words to Wake Up To is a compilation of 11 essays written since the publication of When Fear Falls Away. Handed out at talks given by Jan, these essays suggest ways to open to the calm and joy that is our deep nature.

Total listening time: 72 minutes
“This CD is just exquisite. It is a pleasure to hear Jan’s own lyrical words given her own voice. It is thrilling to listen to: to receive the vivifying, rushing stream of words charged with the energy of clear being.” - Peter Adair
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“Jan Frazier, author of the widely acclaimed book When Fear Falls Away, has produced a stunning CD, Words to Wake Up To. Jan is a fresh, new voice chronicling her experience and description of spiritual awakening. Her message is inspirational and practical, and is expressed in beautiful, poetic language reminiscent of Rumi. Its mind-quieting invitation to stillness is similar to that of Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti.” - Norman Monson
“Words to Wake Up To is an extremely beneficial reminder of what really matters. Jan’s words are accessible, kind, and resonant of the experiences we all share. They are much more understandable than writings by others that are steeped in science, theory, or an unknown secret. Her writing and reading is fresh. I have read every word of A Course in Miracles, the writing of Tolle, Chopra, and many classical spiritual writings of varied disciplines. Jan Frazier has a very special gift.” - Deanne Mincer

Track 4: The Stone Your Feet are On
Whatever happened this morning is gone. It is as gone as the birth of the universe. Over and done with, obliterated by the onrushing presence, the fresh arrival. Dying, dying, constantly dying. The moment is born and dies. That is freedom. There is no sadness in it. It is relief, the unencumbered. Nothing weighs you down. . . .

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